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Personalized Photo Christmas Ornaments

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Capture the spirit of the holidays with these personalized photo Christmas ornaments. Available in four festive shapes and two ornament options, including our lightweight gloss edition for a smaller and flat ornament, or our luxury handmade satin finish edition, for a larger, unglazed, and lovingly handmade ornament with a choice of 6 ribbon colors. You have the option with our gloss ornaments to print on both sides, whereas with the satin finish, you can print on one side with space for text on the back. Display your favorite photos and make a perfect home accessory all year round with our personalized Christmas ornaments.

  • Gorgeous ornaments for Christmas and Valentine's
  • Two ornament options
  • 6 ribbon color options
  • Star, oval, heart and circle shapes
  • Single or double sided printing
  • Everything made to order

    Everything made to order

    Our products are lovingly made by our talented artisans. We produce everything ourselves to ensure the highest standards and quality.

  • Ships in 1 - 2 days

    Ships in 1 - 2 days

    Production time: Ships in 1 - 2 days

    Delivery time: 1-3 days, several options available.

    We are fast, and print most products in one day if you order before 7am EDT/4am PDT. Excludes delivery time.

  • US delivery $7.90
    • US delivery $7.90
    • Western European: $12
    • Other European: $18
    • Canada $18
    • Australia / Japan: $21
    • Rest Of The World: $22
  • Eco-friendly


    Every item is made using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Custom Christmas Ornaments General Information

    Your home will stand out among the rest when you design custom Christmas ornaments. Available in 4 different shapes, these personalized photo Christmas ornaments feature double-sided printing so no matter how you angle them, your favorite photos are displayed. Made from strong ceramic, your custom Christmas ornaments will have you more excited for the holidays than ever before. Choose from our lightweight gloss ornaments: light, smaller and perfect for jazzing up a home or workspace, where you can print on both sides. Alternatively, our new luxury handmade satin finish edition is larger with a matte finish and choice of six velvet ribbon colors, perfect for more noticeable decoration. On this ornament, you can only print on one side but there is an option to add text to the back.

    When you design your own Christmas ornaments, you can bring your family and friends front and center for Christmas. They make wonderful personalized presents or fashionable decorative pieces for any season. You can even print two separate images onto your personalized photo Christmas ornaments - one for the holidays, and one for the rest of the year. These custom Christmas ornaments are particularly special if this upcoming Christmas is a unique event, like your first Christmas as a married couple, or your baby's first Christmas. Commemorate the special occasion with custom Christmas ornaments and remember it for years to come. 

    To bring your custom Christmas ornaments to life, we begin by printing your favorite photos on the ceramic ornament. We use a specialist 3D digital printing technique that results in a high-quality, razor-sharp image that won't rub, peel or fade over time. Your special ornaments have a glossy or exquisite satin finish that complements your photos. Then, a ribbon is carefully looped through the top of the ornament as a perfect finishing touch, and then your personalized photo Christmas ornaments are sent straight to you. 

    Please note, due to the luxury thick ceramic and weight of the satin finish ornaments, we recommend that you avoid placing the ornament on the very end of the tree branch where it risks falling.

    personalized christmas ornaments
  • Further Technical Details
    • Multiple Shapes

      Your personalized photo Christmas ornaments come in four festive shapes: circle, oval, heart, and star. However, the oval shape is not available to the Flat Gloss ornaments. Be mindful of the hole at the top when designing your ornaments - your hanging ribbon will be added here, so make sure no important details of your photo overlap.

    • Strong Ceramic

      Each of your custom Christmas ornaments is made from strong, durable ceramic. The ceramic we use has different dimensions depending on the ornament option. Our lightweight gloss ornaments are thinner and smaller with a glazed finish, while our new luxury handmade satin finish ornaments are thicker, larger, heavier and unglazed. It makes a perfect base to print on and, with a beautiful finish, results in a truly bespoke ornament.

    • Measurements

      Each ornament measures differently based on the shape you choose.

      Handmade Satin Finish Ornaments:

      Oval: 2.6" x 3.0"
      Heart: 3.2" x 2.8"
      Star: 3.4" x 3.1"
      Round: 2.9" diameter

      Gloss Finish Ornaments:

      Circle: 2.9" diameter
      Heart: 3.0" x 2.8"
      Star: 3.1" x 3.1"

    • Superior Printing

      Our specialized 3D digital printing technique is second to none. We make your ornaments by expertly printing your photos directly on the surface of the ornament, resulting in a print infused deep into the fibers of the ceramic. Our long-lasting inks ensure your images won't smudge, face or peel.

  • Design Tips
    • Shaped Design Area

      Each ornament has its own distinct shape which is printed all over with your photo, so make sure you select an ornament shape that complements your photos. Avoid placing any important details of your image where the ribbon is placed.

    • Adding Text

      If you want to experiment with text, you can easily add it anywhere on your custom Christmas ornaments. Even personalize your text with your choice of fonts, sizes, effects, colors, and more. Add as many lines of text as you'd like.

    • Montage Options

      If you're struggling to choose the best photo, why not add them all? We offer montage templates that enhance all your photos and memories. Select from 5 pre-set montage templates, make one from scratch, or use our smart collage tool for a modern appearance.