Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

custom jigsaw puzzle

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • US delivery $9.75 US delivery $9.75 Western European: $18 Other European: $23 Canada $24 Australia / Japan: $33 Rest Of The World: $33

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Make fun with your photos instead of making fun of them with a custom jigsaw puzzle. Turn your favorite snaps into 30, 96, 252, 500, or even 1,000 pieces of good old fashioned family fun. Whatever your puzzle skill level, you can make a personalized jigsaw puzzle for beginners, intermediates, or pros. Supplied in a recyclable presentation tin, which you can choose to have printed the same as the jigsaw, or customize it separately, all made the same day & with Express delivery option.

  • Made from wood or cardboard
  • Five size options
  • Supplied in presentation tin
  • Lid printed same or differently
  • Express delivery option
  • Everything made to order

    Everything made to order

    Our products are lovingly made by our talented artisans. We produce everything ourselves to ensure the highest standards and quality.

  • Ships in 1 -2 days

    Ships in 1 -2 days

    Production time: Ships in 1 -2 days

    Delivery time: 1-3 days, several options available.

    We are fast, and print most products in one day if you order before 7am EDT/4am PDT. Excludes delivery time.

  • US delivery $9.75
    • US delivery $9.75
    • Western European: $18
    • Other European: $23
    • Canada $24
    • Australia / Japan: $33
    • Rest Of The World: $33
  • Eco-friendly


    Every item is made using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • General Information About Your Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

    From a beginner's 30-piece to the expert's 1,000-piece, a custom jigsaw puzzle is a personalized take on a timeless classic. Available in five different sizes, varying in the number of pieces as well as physical size, your personalized jigsaw puzzle is supplied in a sturdy metal presentation tin, which can be printed with the same design, or a different one than the one that you select for the photo jigsaw puzzle. 

    The smaller options are made from a high-quality wooden base, with a glossy laminate finish. This makes your custom jigsaw puzzle both water-repellant and makes it super-easy to wipe clean. The larger sizes with 252, 500, or 1,000 pieces are made from extremely strong cardboard, which means that they don't have any waterproof properties. Keep your personalized jigsaw puzzles in tip-top condition by storing them in the customized presentation tin. 

    You can create your photo jigsaw puzzle using one large image, or to make things a little trickier you could even create a photo collage using multiple different pictures. With our intuitive design interface, you can even add text to your jigsaw.

    photo puzzle
  • Further Technical Details
    • Size Options

      Your custom jigsaw puzzle comes in several different size options, all with a different number of pieces. The small puzzle is 10" x 7" (25 x 17.5 cm) and has 30 pieces. The medium option is 14" x 9.5" (36 x 25 cm) and has 96 pieces, the large is 10.5" x 13.2" (27 x 33.5 cm) with 252 pieces and the extra-large is 13" x 18.5" (33 x 47cm) with 500 pieces. Looking for an even harder challenge? Try our 1,000 piece puzzle, measuring 26.8" x 17.3" (68 x 44 cm).

      S - 10" x 7" - 9.2 oz

      M - 14" x 9.5" - 17.6 oz

      L - 10.5" x 13.2" - 9.9 oz

      XL - 13" x 18.5" - 19.8 oz

      2XL - 26.8" x 17.3" - 26.5 oz 

      All weights include the tin.

    • Wood or Cardboard

      If you select a small or medium personalized jigsaw puzzle, it will be made from 2.5 mm thick high-quality wood with a waterproof glossy laminate. This makes it very simple to wipe clean. The larger sizes (252, 500, and 1,000) custom jigsaw puzzle options are made from 2 mm strong cardboard, so don't have water repellent properties.

    • Made to Order

      Everything is printed, pieced, and packed by hand when you place your order, so your personalized jigsaw puzzle really is a jigsaw that has been made specifically for you. We handmake every photo jigsaw puzzle in our specialist facility.

    • Superior Printing

      Our expert printing methods are tailored specifically for the materials that we work with. The inks penetrate the fibers of the material resulting in a long-lasting print that doesn't peel or crack and is both fade and scratch-resistant.

    • Presentation Tin

      Your custom jigsaw puzzle is supplied in a special metal presentation tin. The lid of which will be printed with either the same design or a different one than your puzzle is. The silvery metallic finish of the tin will give an authentic etched effect to your print.

    • No White Ink

      As we use no white inks, any white areas in your photo or chosen design will be unprinted. This means that on the lid of your tin they will show as silver, just like the tin lid itself, giving a whole new level of character to your presentation tin.

  • Design Tips
    • Edging

      The preview window of the design interface is surrounded by edging rulers. Perfect if you want to see how big the components of your photo puzzle design are.

    • Filters

      With the click of a button, you can switch between your original image and either a black and white or sepia-toned color treatment filter for your custom jigsaw puzzle.

    • Text

      The built-in text tool allows you to easily add text to your personalized jigsaw puzzle, as well as change the font and color, as well as size.

    • Pattern

      Use the repeat tool to create a pattern using a smaller image. Choose from either standard tile, mirrored, or half-drop repeats.

    • Montage

      For added difficulty, use the montage tool to upload multiple photos and use them all. There are five pre-set templates or you can make your own.

  • Special Offers
    • Quantity Discount

      If you order more than one photo puzzle, you will instantly start receiving great quantity discounts. Simply add two personalized jigsaw puzzles to your basket and both of the puzzles will be automatically discounted.

    • Ready Same Day

      At Photo Canvas, we pride ourselves on promptness. Just like our canvases if you order your custom jigsaw puzzle before midday, we will have it ready the same day. That means if you opt for Express delivery you can receive your photo puzzle in just days.